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idea - Mobile Playground

Mobile Playground - ThumbnailYou want a playground for your 8-15 yo children in your neighborhoods. So you just order it on the e-shop and have it installed in 1 day.

Who could be interested in it

  • Public - Municipalities, schools, orphanages
  • Leisure - Sports clubs, summer resorts, camps
  • Citizens  - having children 8-15 and have no or limited access to public playground for football etc.


  • The playground is mobile, it is not a realty. Therefore the related administration and legislative requirements can be minimized - building permit etc.
  • It is repeatable product, so all the development costs including the necessary EU certifications can be distributed into many pieces and lower it price.
  • If they stop to serve to the community it is easy to uninstall them and let the place to serve for other purposes.

 How it looks

Mobile Playground- Idea

How to gather leads

Citizens could be core  and meaningful lead generation source.

Microsite can be created with the message "Do you want playground for 8-15 yo children in your neighbourhood?" The microsite enables users to enter possible place for installation of the playground. The exact address / position can be entered and shown by  Google StreetView. The picture of the playground can be incorporated into Google StreetView view in a same way as e.g. IKEA products in augmented reality.

Responsible municipality and its contact address can be assigned automatically based on the position. Inquiries can be published as e.g. projects on so users can spread the link to the neighbors  or local communities to let them "like" the intention to build the playground.  The request with many "likes" from citizens will be perceived by municipality authorities as more relevant and the possibility to make things happens will increase.

Mobile Playground - MIcrosite

Concept of lead generation microsite (map)

The producer can even drive the demand by finding the appropriate places = density of population +  no near playgrounds + suitable place for playground and contacting local municipalities and communities actively.

Product enhancements

Basic product can be further customized and enriched in a similar way as mobile houses e.g. by:

  • toilet,
  • drinking dispensers,
  • lockable space for sport equipment,
  • lighting,
  • rent of cooling panels for winter skating,
  • rent of playgrounds as such e.g. for summer festivals...


Thanks to Darina Vymětalíková for inspiration.

Roman Řípa is focused on B2B lead generation at  ,  trying to be a citizen at showing the budgets of all municipalities in Czech Republic. and helping the SMEs in . Currently working on business development of "digital signage" at Jansen Display Digital.


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