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Tip - How to listen to music you love and other thoughts about innovation

Shazam bottom 07Being innovative in the right way is the neverending story. Let me share my short innovation story from this weekend.



I had a dream about a service for sharing interesting "items" like songs, books, paintings or people captured via different channels like radio, TV, web to be shared with the meaningful actions like "buy ticket to the nearest concert, look at their web pages" 15 years ago.

Meanwhile Facebook was born and I still had no tool to note good song or interview with a smart or wise people while driving a car. I started to note them into Google Keep app at my mobile phone several months ago. I hope  no cop read this.

This weekend I realized I'm too old to do these dangerous things. And then, the spark of recognition appeared. Yes, I know that some music identification services exist. I know it for years. So I google it, downloaded it and try it in a minute. And it worked, with 90% success rate.

  Shazam bottom 07

Playlist built in Spotify with songs identified by Shazam
at Oldies Radio, and "People also like" Spotify recommendations.

Lessons learned

  1. These days are great, many things can be done easily.
  2. It is a huge opportunity in not to invent anything but only use what already exists.
  3. Spreading the knowledge about the existing stuff efficiently is crucial.

How to spread this tip efficiently

As I'm a "helper" by nature, my next thought was, how to prevent others to suffer in a same way. What is the right format for this type of tips in these days? What about some piece of "microcontent"? How to produce it and not to repeat the same fault i.e. use just what already exists? Google Presentation , GifMaker.meYouTube and Instagram have done their job.  So, here you are with the tip:

Other tip came on mind automatically, so the Idea Clipper was born in an hour.

Do you what to share your tips and become another "Idea Clipper"? Let me know ;-)


Roman Řípa loves to build stuff in      at Blue Strategy.



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