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Digital Transformation of B2B Services - B2B #FinTech Roadmap Example

FinTech B2B Stripe - Header"Digital transformation" is running at almost all industries.
It has many impacts and aspects. The one of them is massive value added provided via integration.
Let us take at Stripe at B2B financial services market as an inspiration and generalize it further into common pattern.

The Example of Stripe

Just go through the categories of B2B services integrated in a single app - www.stripe.com at the picture below.
  1. Take the categories of Stripe partners above.
  2. Find the local providers in these categories at your country.
  3. Imagine that they are all integrated in a single menu of your "My Company" app.

Mindblowing, isn't it?

So What Is In For You?

You can interpret this Stripe example in various ways:

  • Shall you build the local copies of Stripe or BrainTree? Not sure. This is a "big guys" game.
  • Shall you prepare the new generation of "Open" APIs for your local B2B financial services or ERP system providers to be easily pluggable into these types of platforms? Better. You already plan/have your own mobile app? Great, you can learn a lot. But beware, the real value is in integration. Because of easy of use. Because of penetration. Because of an ability to be offered in the right time at the right context etc.
  • Shall you target and nurture the community of local B2B service providers and educate your B2B clients how exactly improve their business processes as being a local commercial bank? Why not? Why not now? Letting people know that something IS possible IS a value. Look at my example invoked by very near car accident with Spotify & Shazam.
  • etc.

Example of B2B Digital Transformation

Still not clear what I talk about?

Let me show in on an example of digital transformation of local debt management B2B Service .

B2B Fintech - Digital Transformation3 phases of B2B service evolution
Example of local debt management service: epoptavka & Debito

The Rise of Eco-Systems for Online Services

It would bring limited value only to have just hundreds or thousands separated  online services.

 It's necessary to divide the roles in the whole eco-system to deliver the real value.

See the model below.

Fintech ArchitectureSpecialists, Integrators, Generalists collaborate closely to deliver the highest possible value


  • specialists prepare the online apps / services for the specific tasks, 
  • integrators connect them to 
  • generalist like internet bankings , ERP systems or eshop platforms.
See www.b2bfintech.cz for examples of specialists, integrators and generalists operating on Czech fintech market.

The Rise Integration Platforms - Process Automation In a Cloud Way

How does the job of integrators look like? Explore the examples of  Integration Platforms as a Service (IPaaS)

The big thing is that ... 

  • The integration is no longer in the hands of the IT crowd. Business owners or users can fully automate his/her business process and set its integration scenarios e.g. between its mailbox, CRM and ERP system.
  • The more complex scenarios can be set by IT guys 10 or even 100 times faster and cheaper.  - see e.g. SAP Integrations at 1/10 Price and Time Example.

Integromat_featuredExample of the process set in Integromat
It orchestrates various online services in order to fully automate the job to be done
in scalable highly available manner.


The Rise of  Completely new Distribution Channels - Marketplaces

The large amount of specialized online services creates pretty tricky situation for generalists like ERP system vendors or banks.

  1. Generalists will be compromised - Why should I buy the complex ERP system with many modules, handled by expensive consultants when I can pick up specialized services for the particular tasks and build my own "ERP". Why should I use costly inflexible services of banks, when specialized FinTechs deliver much higher value?
  2. Generalists will profit from it - Generalists if they are smart enough can profit from this situation if they become "distributors" of specialized online apps.

Marketplaces are naturally born around each integration platform. The platform contains the list of all integrated services. The challenge is how to do it in well-arranged and actionable way for them.

DativeryAppsScenariosThe example of application with integration scnerios
Application with scenarios can be promoted
at the marketplaces of promoters i.e. banks or ERP system producers. 

Market places can be created also by generalists. Banks, ERP system vendors, e-shops can easily increase the value provided to their customers.  Market place just must offer  the integrated services in a meaningful manner.

ErsteFintechCloudExample of the bank market place - Erste Fintech Cloud at https://erstefintech.cloud/

More About the Topic 

Other notes about the discovery of value of an integration:

Interested in this?

  • Are you some of the players mentioned above and want to move forward quickly?
  • Are you a potential user of the integrations mentioned above?
  • Are you somehow interested in a development of B2B Fintech market?

Super. Just...

See more from my Finance, IT , Sales, Marketing related thoughts.

Roman Řípa -  Focused on innovation at www.romanripa.com and developing market strategies at www.bluestrategy.cz  and www.expandist.com , participated e.g. in digital posters development, tried to be a citizen at www.rozpocetobce.cz showing the budgets of all municipalities in Czech Republic. and helped the SMEs in www.profirmy.eu .



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