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"Agile" Marketing with Digital Posters - "Czech Beer in Poland" Example

CheckCzechBeerDSIBDAECP43F_transparent-highres"Agile" is a hot buzzword these days. But there are some real messages behind it.

What's its impact in marketing? And how does it relate to new technologies like digital posters?

Let us show it on a cause of "Czech beer in Poland".

Why to be agile

"Agile" approach with its promises:

  1. deliver quickly,
  2. react flexibly,
  3. be eficient i.e. do not waste time, money and other resources

finds the hearing at C-Level guys of giants like banks, telcos , automotive etc. see e.g. ING Case Study.

Even if not everybody can be the Spotify, it is forsighted for their employees and account managers of their suppliers to be at least familiar, ideally compliant with that direction.

Agile in Marketing

What does "agile" mean for marketing? Basically the same as for other areas where the agile concept is applied e.g.:

  1. Deliver something to the market regulary in small periods - 2 weeks ,  1 month.
  2. Observe the impact, tailor plans in "backlog".
  3. Do the introspective honestly - what was good, what was bad, what we can do better next time in our production?

One of the objections could be, if something meaningful can be delivered in 2 weeks in marketing. Well in "online", while not? Starting the online campain at Google Ads can be the question of hours. But what about in "offline" world? Hopefully the things are changing even there and e.g. digital posters i.e. large screens in appropriate closures or holders can spread the new messages in a minutes into whatever place at our planet.


So how to exploit this flexibility? One of the benefits is a quick reaction of events in a surrounding world. So you can utilize the energy related to the event to spread also your messages  "free of charge". See the example below.

CheckCzechBeers - Proces

Sure, mixing the business with topics hot in a society is risky adventure, everytime. You must be carefull. But the potential efficiency and impacts can be very interesting as you exploit the energy already existing in a society, so you needn't to spend money to create it.  And obviously, you can bind your communication with  much more neutral or positive events like good weather or win of national team in football match. At least for the beginning ;-)

See more examples here.

More about "digital posters" akka "digital signage"

What do you think?

  • Do you have some comments, thoughts to this?
  • Some good examples of "agile" approach in marketing?
  • Do you want investigate further benefits of digital posters for communication at point of sale? 
  • Or, do you have an intention to apply agile approch in marketing and look for help?

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Roman Řípa -  Focused on innovation and market strategies at  , participated e.g. in digital posters development, tried to be a citizen at showing the budgets of all municipalities in Czech Republic. and helped the SMEs in .


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