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Coffee Machine Which Everybody!!! Can Manage

FriendlyCoffeeMachine - HeaderEvery office rat has sometimes fought with a coffee machine.
You need a coffee NOW, but the machine wants "something"...
So what about to build the friendly coffee machine and win the complete market?



FiiendlyCoffeemachine-SchemaFriendly Coffee Machine Concept

Way 1 - Device - Youtube Integration

  1. The device shows the QR code on its display or activates the NFC tag.
  2. User capture the code or NFC tag with her mobile phone by apps like Google Lens or whatever QR code / NFC reader.
  3. The code leads to the web page with the video guide for the action needed.

Minus: It must be the activity of the coffee machine producer. It is not applicable to the already used devices.


Way 2 - Guerrilla Campaign

  1. The website with the manuals / user guides / instructions  like www.manualsonline.com or www.manualslib.com or local one like www.navod-k-obsluze.cz or najdinavod.cz enables people to print the QR code leading to the page with the guide for the particular device.  The necessary code  can be found e.g. at https://github.com/search?q=QR+code+generator+javascript like https://github.com/SumiMakito/Awesome-qr.js . Příklad návodu k automatu na kávu DeLonghi
  2. Coffee machine dealers or operators, facility managers, assistants  can stick the QR code to the coffee machine. Even random users can do it to their own, customers' or suppliers' offices.
  3. Stickers can be provided by professional services like www.stickermule.com or the local one like www.copygeneral.cz . They can provide the delivery of these stickers at the promotional price as  "Sticker Made XYZ" stickers placed by coffee-addicted volunteers at all coffee machines in the country is a great promotion for them. They just need to provide API to be integrated directly at websites with manuals.

Kudos & Related Ideas

Kudos to Ondřej Kokeš for an idea initiation ;-).

Kudos to www.oaks-lab.com as they introduced the StickerMule to me .

Related ideas:

We are live

Visit https://coffeerescue.romanripa.com/ .

What do you think?

  • Do you know the coffee machine already working like this?
  • Would you buy such a thing - into your company or for your customers as a facility manager or coffee supplier?
  • Are you able to hack the existing coffee machines to work like this?

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