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Idea - Collaborative Reading Platform

Collaborative Learning - HeaderHow to read the books more efficiently?

Warning for conservative readers addected to paper books: Do NOT continue. Risk of nausea.

Collaborative Learning - Idea3

Collaborative Reading Platform Idea

Further Enhancements

Book Summaries

Book summaries can be used as:

  • promotional microcontent for an efficient sharing at social networks to attract readers' attention and
  • cheat sheets for the broadest possible utilization of the thoughts in the business books in practise.

There are various forms of book summaries e.g.


Microcontent explaining the key message at the space of a single tweet

BookSummariesInstaramBook summary presented as picture & short text at Instagram


Cheat sheet summarizing book's content in a form of the mobile app

Complete Sales/Value Funnel

The ideal state is obviously the interconnection of:

  • promotional microcontent for attracting the attention of potential readers
  • selling books in the form of audiobooks, ebooks or books,
  • using summaries as cheat sheets to utilize book's conntent in the practice

in the complete consistent path and eco-system.

Note: Book summaries are currently pretty un-consolidated area i.e. with the highest potential for innovation.

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What do you think?

  • How do you organize your "reading platform"?
  • Would you use complete platform as a service?
  • Other thoughts? 


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