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Idea - "Ultimate Book Impact" Framework

Collaborative Learning - HeaderHow to read the books more efficiently?

Warning for conservative readers addected to paper books:

Do NOT continue. Risk of nausea.

Complete Environment for the Ultimate Book Impact

The goal of books, especially the business books, is to make the impact.

The right content in the right form at the right place for all three phases of book's life  helps to achieve this impact:

  1. Book Sales - The pre-reading promotional form attracts the attention of the book's target groups.
  2. Book Reading - The reading form ensures that the messages of the book are presented in the most "eatable" form, it supports understanding and remembering.
  3. Book Utilization - The post-reading format present key book's messages in a form which supports their usage in practise, further and deeper learnings and upsell of the next book which closes the circle.

The "Book Impact Framework" must enable authors to prepare and exploit the right form and content for all three phases as easily and efficiently as possible.

1. Book Sales - Promotional (Micro)content

Promotional content have classic formats like book cover or ads and various forms of book summaries

The online world offers also the format of "microcontent". It  explains the key book's messages at a minimal space, typically at a size of the phone screen and in a minimal time, typically in serveral seconds . It's efficient e.g. for sharing at social networks.

BookSummariesInstaramBook summary presented as picture & short text at Instagram


Book summary can be presented as a short video with texts suitable for posts at social networks


2. Collaborative Reading

The book itself shall ensure that its messages are presented in a way supporting understanding and remembering.

The current technology has wide possibibilities in that, especially in collaboration among readers and between readers and authors.

Collaborative Learning - Idea3

Collaborative Reading Platform Idea


3. Book Utilization - Active Cheat Sheets, Gamification, Duolingoation

Last, but not least,  the post-reading format of the book shall ensure the usage of the book's content in practise. There are many opportunities for it provided by mobile apps.

  1. Interactive cheat sheets - key messages are presented e.g. in a form of "cards" like in a The Coaching Cards App .
  2. Gamified content - the key messages are chunked into a form of "lessons" and the user is motivated to go through them e.g. via gamificaiton. Good example of gamified lessons is Duolingo, foreign language learning platform,



Cheat sheet summarizing book's content in a form of the mobile app

Duolinguo - All

Notifications, Encouraging user,
Competitive types can compete in collecting points in Duolingo

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What do you think?

  • How do you organize your "reading platform"?
  • Would you use complete platform as a service?
  • Will you deliver the mobile app supporting the 3rd phase?

Easy. Just...


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