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Idea - Water Saving Kit

Water Saving Kit - HeaderUsing drinkable water for flushing the toilet is obvious stupidity.

So how to change it and not to be forced to completely rebuild your bathroom?


Water Saving Kit - IdeaWater Saving Kit


Target Groups

  • Green consumers - they understand that flushing toilet with drinkable water is total idiocy, but it they do not plan new living or massive reconstruction, they have limited space for an action,
  • Construction companies - they have a lot of to do during upturn, but they will be very happy for small deals in the next recession,
  • DIY stores - the kit can be sold as a box product,
  • Bath accessory producers and specialists - like RAVAK or SIKO in Czechia as they have new sortiment to produce or deliver.

Are you interested?

Do you think it could be viable to produce "water saveing interchangable kit" and distribute them at DIY stores like Hornbach, OBI, Bauhaus?

If you are Czech , you can join our ideafarming team immediatelly, just start to comment the main idea document:

 WaterSavingKit - Deník

Or let me me know ;-)

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Roman Řípa loves to innovate and build the stuff in   #fintech    at Blue Strategy.



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