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Jak úspěšně (ne) vyjednávat o ceně v B2B

B2B Customer FinTech Communities - The Way to Move Faster?

FinTech Value Creation ArchitectureFinTech has definitely high potential in the value to be delivered. But FinTech has also high barriers. Many of them, mainly in the heads of people engaged.

So how to move faster in Fintech? I have no clue for other areas of FinTech well summarizes e.g. here, but for B2B services is the idea pretty clear.

Discovery of the value in B2B fintech is not a simple task. Nor its delivery, communication and sales.

Therefore its time to join forces much more intensively to overcome crucial obstacles.

See a possible model of B2B FinTech community below:

FinTech Value Creation Architecture
Customers, Business Experts, Specialists, Integrators, Generalists, and other Fintechs
collaborate closely to deliver the highest value possible

Another dimension of the community is surely the right personality types in a community like Miss Happy Go Lucky , Mr. Visionary Creative, Miss Pragmatic, Mr. Analytical, Miss Get Stuff Done, Mr. Perfectionist, Miss Consensus, Mr. Supportive used at Bell laboratories.

So how can the result of integrator's or generalist's work look like?Explore the SaaS service Dativery with the list of applications, each with the prepared integration scenarios. Each generalist there can have a subset of it with its own integrations presented as her own marketshare as a part of her webpages.

DativeryAppsScenariosThe example of application with integration scnerios
Application with scenarios can be promoted
at the marketplaces of promoters i.e. banks or ERP system producers. 

Interested in this?

  • Are you some of the players mentioned above?
  • Are you potential user of interations mentioned above?
  • Are you somehow interested in development of B2B Fintech market and do want you to be informed about development in this area?

Super. Just...

See more from my Finance, IT , Sales, Marketing related thoughts.

Roman Řípa loves to innovate and build the stuff in   #fintech    at Blue Strategy.


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