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Zvyšte hodnotu svých bytů - Připravte svůj dům na elektromobily

FX Payments In B2B - Not Only Taxi Drivers are Uberized

B2B FX Payments - HeaderNot only taxi drivers or hotels are touched by “Uberization”.

One ot the areas are cross-country business payments.


FX Payments In B2B - Not Only Taxi Drivers are Uberized

What about you?

  • Do you already use some FinTech services for payments to or from foreign countries - in and outside SEPA area?
  • What are your experiences?
  • Can you share some detail comparsion regarding velocity, fees, convenience? 
  • Do you have some negative experiences?

Super. Just...


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Roman Řípa loves to innovate and build the stuff in   #fintech    at Blue Strategy.


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