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Idea - Touch Agile Boards

MIro Cockpit - HeaderI really apreciate the power of virtual board apps like Miro.

Nevertheless sometimes you are not in a virtual space.

And you want to work with them in a real space.

The Power of Virtual Board Apps

What makes the virtual boards great are their:

  • infinite working space,
  • support for various schema types from Scrum Boards to mind maps see e.g. here,
  • simple collaboration of distributed teams,
  • simple sharing outputs also with clients even at mobile phones.

Services for Virtual Boards

VirtualBoardsSchemaTypesTemplates of various schema types available at virtual boards.

Devices for Virtual Boards

Touch screens

There is a variety of touch screens even in pretty large sizes usable for virtual boards like 55", 65", 86" sizes.

Touch Screen Closures

An alternative to touch screen is screen closures with touch foils like Displax applied on the innser side the covering front glass. Benefits:

  • Screen inside is a cheap normal non-touch signage screen.
  • Screen is protected behing safety glass.
  • Even large sizes are at achievable price.

See the example of touch screen closures from Jansen Display. or the scenario of using them for sales support n B2B.


Interactive Projectors

The examples of solutions available on a market

InteractiveMultiPenWhiteboardKit-AccessoryViewBoyNEC Interactive Whiteboard Kits

Product Wanted

Touch screens or closures are fine, they work well, but the large one are still pretty costly. What I look for is an economy alternative with pretty normal projectors and some cost effective solution for touch identification even for large scales to be able to cover the whole walls in the offices.

Miro Agile Cockpit

We are live

Visit https://agilewall.romanripa.com/

Interested in this?

  • Which tool do you use for your schemas?
  • What is your favourite schema type ? 
  • Where do you help youvirtual board apps the most?
See more from my Ideas, Topics, Tips .

Roman Řípa -  Focused on innovation and market strategies at www.bluestrategy.cz  , participated e.g. in digital posters development, tried to be a citizen at www.rozpocetobce.cz showing the budgets of all municipalities in Czech Republic. and helped the SMEs in www.profirmy.eu .


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