Koupit si pivo na fesťáku pivo na 3 kliky a vystát jen poloviční frontu? Stačí zavést standard platebního místa.
Idea - Enriched Payment Data Standard - New Value For Customers

Cash&Cardless Hospitality - Possible Roadmap

PizzaQRCodeRicheeDemoCashless & cardless hospitality can simplify live to both merchants and consumers. 

What can be possible 3-step roadmap for that?


Cashless Hospitality Solution

Cashless hospitality

Enriched Payments Functionality

The potential of the described approach is much, much wider.

Instant Payments Opportunity

There is one interesting side effect of apps with enriched payment functionality.

  • It's completely unvisible for the consumer how the payments are settled.
  • The part of the payments can be executed via cards / standard payments gateways.
  • The part of the payments can be done via instant payments i.e. SEPA Instant Credit Transfer.  Related lowered costs can be spread between bank, merchants and consumers.

Possible players  in CZ

More Info

Interested in this?

  • Will you use this service as a customer at restarant, pub, kiosk at music or film festival, at whatever cultural or sport event?
  • Will you use this service as owner of restarant, pub, kiosk ?
  • Will you use this service as e.g. if you are from brewery for you franchise kiosks?
  • Will you use this service as POS systems vendor?

Super. Just...


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