Cash&Cardless Hospitality - Possible Roadmap
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Idea - Enriched Payment Data Standard - New Value For Customers

Enriched Payment Data Alliance - HeaderMany payments are done by mobile apps these days. It's an unique opportunity - to provide customers with more meaningful information than just amounts of money and automate booking of payments for SMEs and corporations.

The only necessary step is to agree on standards of enriched payment data - "democratized EDI" for 21th century,


Enriched Payment Data Alliance - MIddle

Idea of Enriched Payment Data Standard  - View in Miro

More details about industries & Automated booking without human touch

There are various usages for Enriched Payments Data i.e. money + information about goods or services being sold , see the example below:

EPDS-Hospitality EPDS-Hospitality EPDS-Hospitality EPDS-Hospitality


What is necessary to do for that?

So what is necessary for delivery of promised value i.e. "Provide customers with more meaningful information than just amounts of money and automate booking of payments"?

Very "little". "Almost" nothing. "Just" agree on the open data format to transfers "enriched payments data for various verticals. How it could look like? It is enough if various apps from Uber, Shell etc. will send not only the receipts in graphical form but also in a structured "open data" way.  Possible example of relevant e-mail from the petrol and charging stations:

Dear Customer

Thank you very much for using our services.

You will find the receipt attached and data for automated processing below.

Best Regards


AMOUNT/CURRENCY/SUPPLIER/PROVIDER/PAYMENT ID 1 /PAYMENT ID 2 : 1300,CZK,Shell, Axigon,405000101, 2324116081
POSITION / DATE / TIME /ZONE : 50.0876088, 14.3491173, 2019-07-08, 13:45,CET

Banks could be pretty good leaders in that. They can exploit their experiences in "Open Banking" forced by EU/EC and help their corporate clients like petrol station chains to adopt the concept as their competitive advantage.

Possible technology and standards

"Invoice Delivered By Bank" - New source of revenue for banks

If banks send money efficiently as trusted authorities, why not to send also invoices too - both invoices

  • to be paid or
  • to be already paid by instant payment, card or cash?

Enriched Payments  Data Standard can be simple and straightforward tool for that. 

Find more at Banks As Trustful Invoice Messengers - FinTech Scenario .

B2B Fintech - Public - BanksAs TrusfulInvoiceMessanger
Banks As Trustful Invoice Messengers

Fuel for monetization of Instant Payments - SEPA Instant Credit Transfers

How can banks fight with Apple Pay , Google Pay etc.? How can they overtake the revenue of MC/VISA? Simply:

  1. just support the development and penetration  of value added applications upon Enriched Data Payments....  and
  2. make paying in these apps simple.

Banks could finally use their valuable underutilized asset - customer portfolio for that. Bonus:  Sharing of customer portfolio is not visible as a cost in the P&L.

Read more at How to Monetize Instant Payments? For Example By...


Cards vs. Instant Payments

How to Monetize Instant Payments

So what is the first step you can do?

  1. Write or call to customer centers of your common suppliers.
  2. Tell them that you do not want to continue in this idiotic game "print - scan - rewrite bills".
  3. And that you expect that they change it immediately. Or you change the supplier otherwise ;-).
  4. If you are from Czech Republic choose e.g. this supplier as he is from the final solution 5 lines of code only.

Interested in this?

  • Would you use this service as a customer?
  • Would you use this service as supplier? From which vertical - pertrol stations, hospitality, retail, others?
  • Would you use this service as bank, e-shop or ERP vendor? 
  • Under which conditions?

Super. Just...


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